Livestock Guarantee

When buying your new pet from our store
you will be asked to examine your new pet at time of purchase as for quarantine reasons
it cannot be returned for any reason other than those covered by this guarantee.

We at IN2PETS pride ourselves in supplying healthy pets and never
knowingly sell one that is sick, injured or suffering from any visible deformity.
All our Animals are also Guaranteed Young Stock, unless otherwise stated.

Whilst every effort is made to correctly sex your pet,
and/or advise on compatibility with another, we cannot guarantee such.
Therefore we do not accept claims for compensation or consequential loss.

Remember that all pets must be properly cared for throughout their lives.
 Handle small animals daily if you wish your pet to stay calm & tame.
 House your pet following the guidelines given by us in conjunction with the Pet Care Trust.
To avoid possible health problems feed your new pet on our recommended food.

Please contact us immediately if your new pet appears unwell soon after purchase.
If necessary we will consult our own vet.
We do not pay vet's fees except by prior written agreement with our management.
We guarantee to exchange any pet (within seven days) for health reasons
on completion of our livestock register and the purchase of In2pets advised
requirements for your new pet at time of buying said animal.
We reserve the right to withdraw the relevant guarantee if we feel
that the pet has not been cared for in the appropriate manner or
damaged through lack of simple common s..

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